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Executive Roundtable:

International Public/Private Sector Mobilization
 Around the 13 Critical Infrastructures and 5 Key Assets









U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Washington, D.C. USA


Public/Private Mobilization:
Aligning for Security and Commercial Effectiveness/Efficiency


Goal: The goal of the Roundtable is to prepare decision-makers in government and industry on sector-specific and cross-sector strategies for the joint public/private mobilization necessary for international disaster preparedness and recovery. The key questions we will address are:

  1. What mobilization best practices can be applied across multiple infrastructures?
  2. What synergies and gaps exist in each infrastructure's Public/Private mobilization Drivers, Strategies, Enablers, and Technologies (DSET)?
  3. What synergies and gaps exist across the mobilization DSET's for all 13 infrastructures?
  4. How can these mobilization DSET's best support contingency planning exercises for regional private and public decision-makers?


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