Session Three: Case Study: Wal-Mart and Cott Beverage


  • Applying the frameworks in practice
  • Breakthroughs in optimization and collaboration to reduce the total cost of goods sold.
  • Developing a business case using the frameworks


  • Background research on Wal-Mart (

Session Descriptions

Session One: Course Introduction - What is a Value Network?
Session Two: Case Study: EMC
Session Three: Cast Study: Wal-Mart and Cott Beverage
Session Four and Five: Case Study: Dell Computers
Session Six: Data Modeling for Integration
Session Seven: Principles of Distribution and Integration
Session Eight: Supply Chain Coordination Strategies
Session Nine: Supply Chain Systems and Vision
Session Ten: Customer Relationship Management / Information Sharing & Incentives
Session Eleven: After Sales Service and Support / Customer Service Differentiation
Session Twelve: Future Directions