Session Six: Data Modeling for Integration


  • What is data modeling
  • Data integration from a data model perspective
  • Why is data integration hard
  • What is XML
  • XML and data integration
  • Questions for vendors


  • Weil, J., "Companies Pollute Earninges Reports, Leaving P/E Ratios Hard to Calculate," Wall Street Journal. 21 August 2001 p. A1.
    • Skim this article. It is short, fun, and merely meant to convey some intuitions about challenges to data integration.
  • Madnick, S., "The misguided silver bullet: What XML will and will not do to help information integration," Sloan Working Paper 4185-01, October 2001.
    • Be sure to read Section 2 and Section 5 for an appreciation of problems and what XML does not address.
  • Seligman, L. and Rosenthal, A., "XML's Impact on Databases and Data Sharing," IEEE Computer. June 2001 p. 59 - 67.
    • Be sure to read from page 63 to page 67 for a nice breakdown of architecture-level data integration challenges.
  • Preview to Section 4 - Section 4.2 Rob, P. and Coronel, C., Database Systems Design, Implementation, and Management, 3rd edition, Course Technologies, Cambridge, MA 1997 p. 187 - 197. Skim this for a framework on what data models are and why they are important.
  • Preview to Chaper 6 - Chapter 6.3 Manninno, M., Database application development and design, McGraw Hill, Boston, MA 2001 p. 191 - 203.
    • Skim this to understand the system-level goals for database development.

Session Descriptions

Session One: Course Introduction - What is a Value Network?
Session Two: Case Study: EMC
Session Three: Cast Study: Wal-Mart and Cott Beverage
Session Four and Five: Case Study: Dell Computers
Session Six: Data Modeling for Integration
Session Seven: Principles of Distribution and Integration
Session Eight: Supply Chain Coordination Strategies
Session Nine: Supply Chain Systems and Vision
Session Ten: Customer Relationship Management / Information Sharing & Incentives
Session Eleven: After Sales Service and Support / Customer Service Differentiation
Session Twelve: Future Directions