Session Eleven: After Sales Service and Support / Customer Service Differentiation


  • Value Chain Network and the Delivery of Service
    • Strategic Role of After-Sales Service Performance
    • Multi-Echelon System Architecture
    • Asset Management
    • Real Time Control
  • Customer Service Differentiation
    • US Navy - Defense Logistics Agency Case Study
    • Rationing Policies


  • Dennis, M., Wolf, A., "New Business Models in Service Management", Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology, Vol. 3, Montgomery Research, 2001.
  • Cohen, M. A., Lee, H., Cull, C., and Willen, D., "Making the Supply Chain Work: How to Deliver Value in After Sales Service Logistics " Sloan Management Review, Vol. 41, No. 4, Summer 2000, pp. 93-101.
    • This article describes the Saturn case and how they designed the value chain network to achieve superior performance through integration, optimization and collaboration
  • Cohen, M.A., Deshapande, V. And Donohue, K. "An Empirical Study Of Service Differentiation For Weapon System Service Parts", Fishman-Davidson Center for Service & Operations Management, The Wharton School, March, 2002.

Session Descriptions

Session One: Course Introduction - What is a Value Network?
Session Two: Case Study: EMC
Session Three: Cast Study: Wal-Mart and Cott Beverage
Session Four and Five: Case Study: Dell Computers
Session Six: Data Modeling for Integration
Session Seven: Principles of Distribution and Integration
Session Eight: Supply Chain Coordination Strategies
Session Nine: Supply Chain Systems and Vision
Session Ten: Customer Relationship Management / Information Sharing & Incentives
Session Eleven: After Sales Service and Support / Customer Service Differentiation
Session Twelve: Future Directions