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Value Networks and Championship Mobilization

Benchmarking Partners teaches graduate courses in e-business at University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, MIT, and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Lecturers are practitioner experts from Benchmarking Partners as well as teams from our multi-national clients.

Organization and Curriculum

This course provides a pragmatic guide to the future of value networks. It is organized into sessions on Collaboration via Inter-Enterprise Workflow, Optimization via Demand and Supply Chain Decision Support, and Integration via ERP. Each session revolves around the business case for action and the continuous process by which corporations achieve and measure their results. The course depends on high-intensity class interaction and team-based business case presentations to reinforce real world experiences from the executive lecturers and instructors.

Ultimately, the course aims to prepare business leaders who can develop and manage successful value chain networks through strategy innovation, organizational mobilization, and benefits realization.

Distinctive Features

  • Understand the application of emerging technologies and best business practices
  • Interact with executives from both industry and technology providers as they present case-based applications of Business Best Practices and Best-of-Breed Technologies

Student Perspectives


"High-ranking corporate executives, software vendors, and consulting firms provide students with a well rounded view of the current problems companies face selecting, integrating, and leveraging information technology. In a sense, the course ultimately shows that what is successful today may only be temporary. However, through lectures and practical exercises, students leave armed with a framework that allows them to thrive in a world of temporary advantage and rapid innovation."





-MIT Leaders for Manufacturing Program Fellow, MBA/MS Mechanical Engineering


"The Developing the CEO Team's Value Chain Network Strategy course was the most influential and important class I experienced at LFM. A confluence of Information Technology, E-Business, and Strategy, the class provides lessons that will scale throughout a career, yet which I could immediately apply upon graduation as a Program Manager at Dell Computer Corporation. Not only was the curriculum extremely relevant, but the professor and his team brought a level of professionalism to the class that I found quite refreshing."





-MIT Leaders for Manufacturing Program Fellow

Session Descriptions

Session One: Course Introduction - What is a Value Network?
Session Two: Case Study: EMC
Session Three: Cast Study: Wal-Mart and Cott Beverage
Session Four and Five: Case Study: Dell Computers
Session Six: Data Modeling for Integration
Session Seven: Principles of Distribution and Integration
Session Eight: Supply Chain Coordination Strategies
Session Nine: Supply Chain Systems and Vision
Session Ten: Customer Relationship Management / Information Sharing & Incentives
Session Eleven: After Sales Service and Support / Customer Service Differentiation
Session Twelve: Future Directions

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